Nena’s Meats & Provisions partners with farmers from all across the Carolinas to provide tasty, natural, and unique ingredients for our sauces.

All of our sauces will vary slightly from year to year, since climates change in the Carolinas, causing the chili's to strengthen in flavor or dwindle. Our various chili seeds are saved from year to year, grown isolated to prevent cross pollination using only natural or organic farming practices. In the Carolinas, the growing season begins in December and typically ends in late October. We begin mashing and fermenting as soon as Our Friends begin to harvest and do not stop till they are done. Sauces are typically ready for purchase in the Winter after the growing season has concluded.

 Cauliflower and Kale Soup

Dusty Foothills Chili Sauce     SOLD OUT TILL WINTER 2018


Dusty Foothills is crafted from all naturally grown Carolina Aji Dulce and Espelette chilis. This sauce began its journey over  a decade ago when some “dusty” Espelette chili seeds made it to North Carolina and we gifted them to our farmer friends. Through careful cultivation, the harvest grew from terra cotta planters to acres of chilies.

Dusty Foothills is made from fermenting the Carolina Aji Dulce and Carolina Espelette chilis. On the palette, you will find floral, sour, and the right amount of heat for everyone at the table to enjoy.


 Charred Corn Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing

2016 Rum Barrel Aged Dusty Foothills Chili Sauce



This is the inaugural run of Dusty Foothills aged in a Fair Game Beverage Company rum barrel for one year. The smoothness, char, and rum notes develop Dusty into an almost drinkable version. The floral notes of the sauce dance in harmony with the barrel morphing the flavor a touch sweeter, hints of vanilla, and the right amount of liquor tannins. 

Be on the lookout for the 2017 Whiskey Barrel Aged Dusty Foothills chili sauce, coming winter of 2018, which is currently being aged in a Seventeen Twelve Southern Spirits whiskey barrel.

 Cauliflower and Kale Soup

Sunny Amarillo Chili Sauce

Sunny Amarillo is inspired by the coast, days on the beach, the bounty of the sea, and her beauty.

This sauce is crafted from a unique ferment of naturally grown Carolina Trinidad Perfume and Jamaican Mushroom chilis. This ferment brings out the floral notes of the Trinidad, heat of the Mushroom chili, incorporates an intoxicating charred pineapple, and sour citrus fruit notes. Sunny is a truly unique sauce – bright, floral, funky, tropical and spicy, just like a “sunny” day in the islands.

 Charred Corn Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing

Lucy Beauregard Chili Sauce

This sauce honors North Carolina’s largest crop, the Sweet Potato. This sauce is crafted by fermenting orange habanero chilies and sweet potatoes. The mash is then aged in whiskey barrels, that also had beer aged in them.

Lucy Beauregard has the right balance of sweet, heat, and twang on the palette. The subtle hints of the oak tannin bring it all together to dance in harmony. 


“Dusty Foothills chili sauce is hands down one of the best chili sauces I have ever tasted. A complex pungency and sweetness with just the right amount of heat. One of the most versatile sauces now in my larder.”

Mike Moore, Founder and Executive Director, Blind Pig Supper Club